NCR Recognized With an International Design Excellence Award

The industrial design of the new 30 Series Terminal for Atlanta based NCR Corporation was recognized with an Industrial Designers Society of America, International Design Excellence Award (IDEA). The IDEAs are presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America in association with the Henry Ford Museum, Core77 and Curve Magazine. They represent one of the highest honors for product developers and the Industrial Design profession.

Formation had the pleasure of working with a world class group of NCR’s product managers, engineers and senior managers to develop the new 30 Series terminal. Our central challenge was to develop a space-efficient platform and new line language suitable for commercial use and capable of scaling with the addition of accessories. By considering the entire platform at the outset of the project the design team was able to plan for a broad range of potential applications and implementations. The system is a true 360° product intended to be viewed from all sides. It appears integrated, balanced and intentional across a multitude of potential configurations.

For more on the development of the New 30 Series please watch the video or contact Formation Design Group.

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