Congratulations Suzuko + Team!

As the name implies, film racing is a contest in which competitors are given an assigned theme and constraints that must be included in an original short film. Teams take films from script to completion in a dizzying 24 hours.

Serving as art director, Formation Designer Suzuko Hisata and her team scripted, staged, shot and edited a short film for the 2011 24 Hour Film Race. The film entitled “Running” is based on the assigned theme of identity theft.  The film introduces a level of abstraction and cleverly turns the notion of identity theft on its head by creating a character without an identity. Running and other films can be viewed online.

Running was recognized as one of the standout films for 2011 and garnered a host of awards, including:

• Best Cinematography – Overall Awards 2011

• Best Direction – Atlanta 2011

• Best Actor – Atlanta 2011

• Best Actress – Atlanta 2011

• Best Cinematography – Atlanta 2011

• Best Editing – Atlanta 2011

• Best Sound Design – Atlanta 2011

• Best Set Design – Atlanta 2011

• Best Visual FX – Atlanta 2011

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