48 Hour Repack – Not Everyone Gets a Trophy!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 48 Hour Re-Pack student packaging design competition!

The 2012 competition was the third installment of an annual student design competition carried out in conjunction with the NextPack packaging conference. Sponsored by the Institute of Packaging Professionals, the 48 Hour Re-Pack competition encourages creative problem-solving, sustainable and smart design for the packaging of everyday products. Student teams were presented with product categories and judging criteria then given 48 hours to redesign, prototype and produce a short video showcasing their solution. With more than 35 teams participating this year’s competition was better than ever!

Of course not everyone gets a trophy… Formation Design Group was pleased to support this year’s student competitors by designing and creating trophies for the top three finalists. The trophies embody the Institute of Packaging Professionals identity by referencing the form and color of their logo. The trophies were created using aluminum, plastic and paperboard – all common packaging materials.

Please follow these links to learn more about the 48 Hour Re-Pack competition, the Institute of Packaging Professionals and the NextPack conference.

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